Tips for Ensuring Beautiful Horse Photography

horse photo

Horses are known to be some of the most stunning animals in the world. They are known for their graceful presence and majestic movements. That is why these superb beasts make a beautiful subject for photographers. However, Unlike most pet photography, taking photos of horses needs a different approach. That is why … Read more

Strategies For Training Young Horses

horse and young horse

Working with young horses is a lot different than working with older horses. This is because young horses are just like young children; they are taught in the simplest ways because they have shorter attention spans. This is why the earlier you start training a young horse, the easier it will be … Read more

History of Horse Racing

five horses racing, five jockeys wearing green and blue jackets, snowy race course

Known to be one of the oldest sports of all time, Horse racing refers to an equestrian performance activity or sport, which involves more than two horses ridden by jockeys (a person whose profession includes horse riding or racing.) In this competition, you make a set distance, and whoever’s horse is the … Read more

Best Horse Movies Of All Time

Science Behind Horse Breed Classification

Movies have ways to touch our lives. They delve into our memories and unearth our repressed emotions and desires. The protagonist may be someone whose physical attributes and personality differ from us viewers, but the protagonist’s situation makes us connect with them. The movie may not represent us through the protagonist, but … Read more

How to Know if Your Horse is Sick

albino horse, muddy horse skin, tired and teary eyes

A horse suffering in silence is not the best sight to see, especially for its owners. Since horses cannot tell when they feel something wrong, it is the owners’ responsibility to be sensitive to any signs of sickness or injuries.  Most of the horses’ behaviors, conditions, and reactions associate with their physical … Read more