How to Know if Your Horse is Sick

albino horse, muddy horse skin, tired and teary eyes

A horse suffering in silence is not the best sight to see, especially for its owners. Since horses cannot tell when they feel something wrong, it is the owners’ responsibility to be sensitive to any signs of sickness or injuries.  Most of the horses’ behaviors, conditions, and reactions associate with their physical … Read more

All About Horse Accessories

woman riding horse  with accessories

Owning a horse also means that you need to own a few essential pieces of equipment so you can take care of it properly. Not only that, but you can also enjoy and maximize your horseback riding experience with the help of these accessories. If you have a country property, you may … Read more

Science Behind Horse Breed Classification

Science Behind Horse Breed Classification

If you own a horse and you do not have a horse’s registration papers or if you’re unsure of your horse’s parentage, then determining its breed will be consisted of educated guessing. If you are familiar with the different body types and characteristics of horse breeds, then chances are you will probably … Read more

Tips on Riding a Horse While Navigating Mountains

Tips on Riding a Horse While Navigating Mountains

Horseback riding is a fun sport, but some inherent dangers are associated with it, just like any other sport. Sitting on a thousand-pound prey animal that can be unpredictable sometimes sounds a bit dangerous, right? Riding a horse takes skills, and riding it while navigating mountains takes a lot of courage and … Read more

Can CBD Oil Benefit Horses?

Can CBD Oil Benefit Horses

If you’re a pet owner, then you probably know the feeling of how to care for your beloved pets, and you’re aware that they need as much care and attention like we do. Animals can suffer from the same medical problems as humans, such as seizures, depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain. … Read more

The Basics of Horse Care


Horse ownership can be an intimidating endeavor. It entails many responsibilities and requires your commitment, attention, time, effort, and money. Nevertheless, the benefits make it all worth it. These Intelligent animals make lovely companions, whether you keep them as a pet, for shows and competitions, or riding, turning everything into a fulfilling … Read more

Fashion Tips for Riding a Horse

A photo of a person riding on a horse

Dressing for horseback riding needs not be expensive nor difficult to find. However, just like other sports, you must dress for the task. Inadequate clothing can literally make you jump off the horse. Imagine the bruise and scars you’ll get if you wear shorts while your raw skin chafes against the leather. … Read more

The Story of Marvin Harrison

Marvin Harrison

Football is a famous team sport that involves teamwork and skill from players in order to become victorious. The Indianapolis Colts, a team located in Indiana, is home to some of the world’s greatest football players. It was the team of notable quarterback Andrew Luck and the legend: Peyton Manning. These players … Read more

The Story of Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning in 2017

The Indianapolis Colts is known for its participation in several championships in the National Football League. All of these are possible thanks to the contribution of the great players that played for the Colts. Numerous football stars are exceptional in talent, making them part of the sport’s hall of fame. Interestingly, there … Read more

The History of the Indianapolis Colts

Inside of Lucas Oil Stadium

Have you ever been a fan of football?  The National Football League has been known to introduce numerous great players in the United States. Aside from the fascinating roster of pure talents, each team clearly represents the city’s pride.  The National Football League is home to thirty-two teams competing against each other … Read more